OK. I am feeling kinda sorry for E.L. right now. However . . .

Porque hay poco mas que yo pueda contar. Y estoy de acuerdo en cada uno de los puntos. 😉

the armitage effect

EL James recently held one of those Twitter Q&As. Not sure she will do another one anytime soon, as the «50 Shades» author apparently got raked over the coals. (See the link below for an MSN story about the debacle)


Now, our own Wydville happens to be acquainted with Ms. James in real life and can attest she is a funny, bubbly sort of individual who is probably well aware she is not the second coming of Shakespeare. And I can’t help feeling twinges of sympathy for anyone undergoing trial by Twitter. I have sort of been there myself and it ain’t pretty. I hope Mr. A never has such an unpleasant experience via social media.

Then again–I have to give James’ detractors credit for getting in some good zingers.

«What do you dislike more, Independent strong woman or the English language?»(tweeted by «90210» actor Trevor Donovan)

«After the success of ‘Grey,’ have…

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Did You Get Your Love Poems Yet?

Quince poemas de amor clásicos en la voz de Richard Armitage (en inglés, claro) 😉


Richard Armitage Classic Love Poems

Are you one of those fans who could listen to Richard Armitage read the phone book? Well, he’s done something much better. He has a little gift for us at Valentine’s. He’s recited 15 classic love poems, and they’re free.

If you’re one of those who is not sure about Richard’s voice work, a little taste:

So what are you waiting for? Oh, you don’t have an Audible account? No big deal unless you’re like a friend of mine who will not give up her name and email unless it’s life and death. Yeah, she’s paranoid. Frankly, I don’t blame her. But I understand she relented for this. 😀

For those who downloaded and you’re like me and want to know exactly where certain poems are located, here you go:

00:00 1st Chapter – How Do I Love Thee? by Elizabeth Barret Browning

01:22 2nd Chapter – Sonnet 116 by…

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[spoilers!] The Crucible: Richard Armitage fans get a new kiss

Mi querida Servetus nos describe el beso de reconciliación entre John Proctor y su esposa Elisabeth.

Me + Richard Armitage

[IF YOU HAVE TICKETS, PLEASE SKIP THIS POST AND PRESERVE THE NOVELTY AND SUSPENSE OF THE STAGING FOR YOURSELF — come back to talk when you’ve seen it. The defining quality of this production is that it is always surprising, and never quite the same. Slight changes were made to it as late as last week according to one audience member I talked to. And you will see something different every time you see it, from every position you see it in, and depending on the mood that whips up between the actors in the round. So this post gets the spoilers tag not because we don’t know how The Crucible ends, but rather for those who have yet to see the play. It’s mostly intended as documentation of what I saw and an opportunity, if people want, to comment on what they saw, because someone who sat next to…

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El canal de Gandalf en Youtube

No será una sorpresa para los que han paseado por el blog que tengo cierta predilección por el mundo de la interpretación y entre todo lo que lo compone por los actores de doblaje. No será inesperado tampoco que uno de entre los grandes para mi sea Pepe Mediavilla.
Para aquellos que lean desde fuera de España sepan que el Sr. Mediavilla será para siempre la voz de nuestro Gandalf. Nadie aqui puede ya separar la cara de Sir Ian McKellen de su voz (ni la de Morgan Freeman tampoco).
Hoy, gracias a Twitter y a @elanillounico, he descubierto su canal en Youtube y las maravillosas locuciones que en el nos ofrece.
Os dejo una muestra.
Poema de Beren de JRR Tolkien: http://youtu.be/cS5QAjPbtLQ

Gracias por el regalo, Pepe.

Alicante sale a la calle en Hogueras

Empieza la fiesta grande en mi ciudad y a pesar de que el calor no es agobiante como podría ser la gente toma las calles. Aunque no os equivoquéis, los vecinos que tienen que dormir por estos lares no son todos felices. Los tapones en los oídos no son siempre efectivos.