Mi querida Servetus nos describe el beso de reconciliación entre John Proctor y su esposa Elisabeth.

Me + Richard Armitage

[IF YOU HAVE TICKETS, PLEASE SKIP THIS POST AND PRESERVE THE NOVELTY AND SUSPENSE OF THE STAGING FOR YOURSELF — come back to talk when you’ve seen it. The defining quality of this production is that it is always surprising, and never quite the same. Slight changes were made to it as late as last week according to one audience member I talked to. And you will see something different every time you see it, from every position you see it in, and depending on the mood that whips up between the actors in the round. So this post gets the spoilers tag not because we don’t know how The Crucible ends, but rather for those who have yet to see the play. It’s mostly intended as documentation of what I saw and an opportunity, if people want, to comment on what they saw, because someone who sat next to…

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