¿Donde está Wally?

I Want to be a Pin Up

I did a Spot Richard post last year and thought we could all have another stalking round to pass the time between now and whatever else RA has up his sleeve.

I think last year’s images were way too easy and after The Hobbit promotional frenzy we’re that much more apt at spotting Richard in a crowd, so I’ve made it more challenging.

So without further ado:

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Let’s play a game to keep us sane!

This post is a challenge

My PS skills are a mess

But don’t give up, try and guess!

It’s dubbed the happiest place on earth, but sometimes it’s just a bit spooky…

Armitage Disneyland

It’s Happy Hour so let’s raise our glasses to the beautiful Richard Armitage

Armitage bar

That man’s voice is music to my ears, but can you spot him in this screaming crowd?

RA concert

Richard gets his rocks on like a…

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