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Me + Richard Armitage

[Given that we know nothing specific about the romantic history or current status of the affections of Richard Armitage, please understand this piece as a musing on my part. Picture source.]


If Richard Armitage fell in love with someone …

… let it be someone he can love without ambivalence, without reservation. Whom he can love as if he’s never been hurt. Who can love him back with the same open abandon.

… let it be someone of independent mind with personal goals. Who can operate autonomously. Someone with enough trust to accommodate separations, and enough determination to bridge them.

… let it be someone who appreciates his guffaws and that mischievous vibe that occasionally escapes from the corners of his eyes at serious moments.

… let it be someone who protects his secrets.

… let it be someone who respects his need for space. Who doesn’t mind…

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