“El Hobbit” en alemán e italiano.

Me + Richard Armitage

[ETA: look in the comments for a link to the dubbed Italian version of the trailer.]

Thanks for Nimue for the tip, and yes, I agree with her. Really poor voicing choice; the timbre and pitch of this guy’s voice is nothing like Richard Armitage’s. This is not an official trailer, yet, so maybe there’s still time to rethink this and hire someone else. Sorry, poor, voiceless German dubbing actor, I know this could be the chance of a lifetime for you, especially if Armitage ends up a lot more movies (really successful actors tend to get the same German dubbing them consistently, and some film aficionados even discuss the acting capacities of a particular dubber / synchronizer — good dubbing really *is* an art) but listening to you makes me thankful I can understand Armitage in the original language, and anxious about the film’s chance to affect Armitage’s international…

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